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Linear Algebra 4th ed.
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Linear Algebra at MIT
Applied Mathematics and /18086
Computational Science
Wavelets at MIT
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    Essays in Linear Algebra
    New !   (February 2012)
    ISBN   978-0-9802327-6-9


    Algorithms for Global Positioning
    New !   (February 2012)
    ISBN   978-0-980232-74-5


    Introduction to Linear Algebra
    Fourth Edition!   (February 2009)
    ISBN   978-09802327-14

    The book has its own website:

    Read part of the book:
    Preface to the book
    Section 1.3 of the book: Matrices
    (4 more sections included on the book website)

    Review by George Cobb

  • Linear Algebra at MIT
  • OpenCourseWare at MIT
  • These sites have videos of the full lectures
    by Professor Strang in MIT course 18.06


    Second Edition!   (August 2010)
    ISBN   978-09802327-45

    The book has its own website:

    The new Chapter 0 reflects the video lectures on
    Highlights of Calculus by Professor Strang


    Computational Science and Engineering
    First Edition !   (October 2007)
    ISBN   09614088 12
        978 09614088 17

    The book has its own website:

    See for yourself just how good it really is and read part of the book:
    1.1 Four Special Matrices
    4.1 Fourier Series for Periodic Functions
    (also available on the cse website)

  • Computational Science at MIT
  • OpenCourseWare at MIT
  • Both sites have videos of the full lectures
    by Professor Strang in MIT courses 18.085-6

    Cover Title ISBN List Price Our Price
    Essays in Linear Algebra
    by Gilbert Strang

    978-0-9802327-6-9    $35.00
    Algorithms for Global Positioning
    by Gilbert Strang

    978-0-980232-74-5    $78.00
    Calculus, 2nd edition
    by Gilbert Strang

    This book has its own website

    Please see the new video lectures Highlights of Calculus on

    Introducing e^x - Article discussing four ways to present the all-important function e^x (and the number e that calculus needs).

    978-09802327-45 $87.50   $76.00
    Introduction to Linear Algebra, 4th edition
    by Gilbert Strang

    Table of Contents

    This book has its own website

    Course websites
    $87.50   $76.00
     Review by George Cobb
    Computational Science and Engineering
    by Gilbert Strang

    Table of Contents

    The book has its own website with codes

    Course websites and
    ISBN 09614088 12 
    978 09614088 17 
    $90.00 $76.00
    Introduction to Applied Mathematics by Gilbert Strang

    An Instructor's Manual for classroom use is available by email.

    The Table of Contents shows the range of applied mathematics explained by this textbook.

    ISBN 09614088 04 
    978 09614088 00 
    $80.00 $74.00
    Review by Martin Gomez

    Review by Jay Ponder
    An Analysis of the Finite Element Method, 2nd edition
    (2008) by Gilbert Strang and George Fix†

    This is a classic in the understanding of finite elements.

    The original 1973 book is included in its entirety. The new chapters make each computing step clear: Weak form of the equation, trial and test functions, assembly of the stiffness matrix K (with codes), solution of KU=F. Displacement method, Mixed method (and inf-sup), and Discontinuous Galerkin method

    Table of Contents
    ISBN 09802327 08 
    978 09802327 07 
    $80.00 $73.00
    Review by David S. Bindel
    Calculus (1991) by Gilbert Strang

    There is an Instructor's Manual and a Student Study Guide (each $25/$20 to individuals)

    Table of Contents
    ISBN 09614088 20 
    978 09614088 24 
    $80.00 $73.00
    Wavelets and Filter Banks
    (1996) by Gilbert Strang and Truong Nguyen

    This text has had an overwhelming response from readers. The Solution Manual is available by email. The book includes many examples from the MATLAB Wavelet Toolbox.

    Table of Contents
    ISBN 09614088 71 
    978 09614088 79 
    $80.00 $74.00
    By Dr. Davis

    By Dr. Flandrin

    Review by Palle E.T. Jorgensen
    Introduction to Linear Algebra, German Edition
    by Gilbert Strang
    Published by Springer Verlag
    ISBN 3-540-43949-8
    Introduction to Linear Algebra, Greek Edition
    by Gilbert Strang
    ISBN 960-530-088-5
    Linear Algebra, Geodesy, and GPS
    (1997) by Gilbert Strang and Kai Borre
    There are also MATLAB files available from Professor Kai Borre for all three parts of this book: basic linear algebra, geodesy, and the Global Positioning System.

    Table of Contents
    ISBN 09614088 63 
    978 09614088 62 
    By Dr. Schwartz

    Also a Review in German

    Review by Mike Bevis

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    Peony rockii and Gansu Mudan
    ISBN   09614088 39
        978 09614088 31

    • Beautiful and serious too
    • For orders in Europe email to
    • Postage included in US and Canada
    • $85.00
    • Not a math book ...